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Welcome to Fight Night!

This is a group I designed to celebrate the artists, the athletes, and the sports in a clean and fetish free environment. If it's boxing, pro wrestling, kickboxing, MMA, or weapons involved martial arts we want to see it here. Got a photo of yourself in the ring, show us! Got a drawing of a fictional character or a tribute piece? Show it off!
It can be cute, brutal, silly, serious, passionate, strong... but there are things we will not post.
There will be no fetish material here. Fighting and fornication don't mix. This is a place where we share a vision of how these sports are, and what the athletes would like it to be when they leave it. That means
-NO prostitutes wearing boxing gloves
-NO characters fighting completely nude or wearing nothing more than a loin cloth.
-NO fantasies of an opponent mortally injured.
-NO DBZ super warrior style fighting with energy attacks.
Keep it to real forms of combat sport.

One of the problems I have seen going on is people getting greedy with the views. They create groups for the soul purpose to get more popularity. Or even one person posting someone else's pics (With the artists permission so technically it isn't theft) and claiming it is to promote the artist, while he absorbs all the views. The problem with this is that as we all have experienced people don't read the description, so they don't look for the artist's name to visit their account. The poster will leave a [link] to the artist which is easily lost in all the text instead of using an icon. They could easily set a group up like this, where the thumbnail leads directly to your account, instead these people post another person's art work for their own ego to be stroked. This group is different. It's about YOU guys. Getting a few more views to you. A few more friends. A few more faves to YOU and not someone who treats a page view like a dollar... grabbing every one he possibly can.

Male, female, young, old... here everyone is welcome as long as we, as the referees say... "Keep it clean, people!"
To everyone trying to submit lately, I'm sorry! I have been neglecting Fight Night and for that I am sorry.
I either need to hand the reigns over to someone or close this place down.
I am tired... I am sad... I am angry... I am stressed... I have so much on my plate that right now even deciding yes or no to submissions is a weight on me. I have lost so much... am fighting SO hard to keep what I have left... and at this point am not even concerned about trying to gain any ground that I am physically, psychologically and emotionally... spent. I have nothing left right now and it is time for me to be selfish and take care of myself why I still have a myself to take care of.

So if I decide to ask for help, someone to run things at this point, they'd have to be able to adhere to some rules.
NO strong fetish material. I have loosened my standards a bit and let some stuff sneak through to just try and keep an open mind without selling out to fetishists. Things like mixed fighting in certain scenarios are okay... but I don't want any nudity. No fighting in bikinis or thongs. Staying true to the morals of these sports. The history and the traditions. Trying to stay true to what these sports MEAN. "How would Ali react to the story this pic is trying to tell?" sort of thing.
SO that means no Drewhammonds or Deadpools or Hit The Mats. Yeah, I'm dropping names. At this point I am all out of f*cks to give. We want to try and stick to artists who at least are willing to put forth a reasonable amount of effort to showing respect to the sport they're depicting. I don't want the attitude "If I go to Japan I'm not taking my shoes off in people's homes but I will loudly proclaim I respect their culture. I just can't be bothered to, you know, participate in the tradition of showing that respect. It's just too much effort and I have an image to keep, afterall. If I SAY I have respect it should be believed I have that respect even if I decline the opportunity to demonstrate respect."
That said, we're not prudes, either. Fighters are, in their own way, beautiful. Conditioning tells volumes of their personality and dedication. Showing of skill demonstrates a mind set. Scars tell a story. So depicting a fighter or combatant as attractive isn't discouraged. It's just not supposed to be the core of the image.

It doesn't have to be fine art. I hate people so conceited that they insist that only the finest art should ever grace their gallery! And in my opinion no artist should support that mentality. Every artist started out as the little guy who wasn't the best. I want budding artists to feel welcome here and to be supported and urged to keep going and improve and learn. Period. I know people will disagree, but this is my group. My house. My rules. End of story.

And keep it to real forms of combat. Little Mac is fine, because what he does is something we can experience. Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat... sure he's a martial artist but a little TOO far outside the realm of reality.

All that said... I know of people here who will probably offer to run things for me. But I am rather jaded. I don't trust easily anymore. I have been betrayed, taken advantage of, and stabbed in the back by people i have trusted. Hence, why I may just close up shop. I am afraid to trust people.

SO we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll find someone to moderate this for me. Maybe I'll close it. Maybe Ill just leave and let the group exist, but sort of sailing on its own.
I feel like I am letting people down. I regret that. People enjoy this group, But I just don't have it in me anymore. For all those who have participated, thank you! Many of you have made me proud! Given me memories! I cherish that. If I don't return I hope you all keep it up! Keep trying to improve! Don't let my tiredness and willingness to throw in the towel deter you. I am only tired because of a lifetime of beatings. Anyone would get weak in the knees. Especially those who swear up and down they'll never let themselves get beat down. (They're usually the ones who fall the hardest.)
In the meantime, while I try and decide what to do, everyone take care. Be safe. And thank you all!
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